Heart Failure – Large Market Opportunities for New Biomarkers


As part of broader healthcare reform, not just under the ACA (Obamacare), there has been an emphasis on quality of care for prevention. The number one diagnosis for 30-day readmission to hospitals is heart failure (HF). This is compounded by 6 million patients with HF. Consequently, there is a lot of focus, and momentum to dramatically lower readmission rates.

However, even physicians will admit to a lack of good methods to identify those patients who will return within 30 days. Patients are typically discharged base on reduction in symptoms, for some at rest, or others with activity. On its face, this approach doesn’t work given the resulting readmissions.

The attached presentation gives a quantitative estimate of how a sufficient biomarker could change this, and be used significantly by doctors. It incorporates clinical data from a couple promising clinical trials, with market research supporting the need and desire to change. The example biomarker per se is not the focus. It is that the market for a solid biomarker would be great.

Heart Failure – Large Market Opportunities for New Biomarkers

© 2013 Winton Gibbons

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