Siloam Biosciences Optimiser™ Plus Microfluidics for Life Science and Diagnostic Assays – Just a Drop of Blood for Multiple Tests

Cincinnati, OH and San Diego, CA– February 12, 2015 – Siloam Biosciences, Inc., has developed Optimiser™ Plus microfluidic microplates, the next generation of Optimiser™ microplates. Optimiser™ Plus microplates achieve two-fold improvements in limits of detection, dynamic measurement range, and reproducibility, than reported by typical competitors. The assay time versus typical competitors is also cut approximately in half for Optimiser™ Plus microplates. Each reagent, or sample addition, requires only 2-5 microliters of liquid (about 20% the size of a drop of blood).

“Siloam Biosciences continues along the path of making blood testing for patients possible with only a couple drops of blood needed for half a dozen or more diagnostic tests. This same, elegant microfluidic technology is already used for basic life science research,” stated Winton Gibbons, president and CEO for Siloam. “The new, enhanced product represents the culmination of focused research and development, to better meet the needs expressed by our customers. In addition to the new Optimiser™ improvements, Siloam is developing a low-to-medium throughput instrument, compatible with the Optimiser™ Plus microplates.”

Siloam is also working to add genetic testing capabilities to the Optimiser™ platform.

Optimiser™ microfluidic technology

Optimiser™ technology is enabled by an elegant microfluidic reaction well.  Flow within the microfluidic well is accomplished by a passive, capillary-driven microfluidic design. This eliminates the need for the specialized microfluidic pumps and valves that are part of other microfluidic technologies. As a result, products based on Optimiser™ technology are more easily and reproducibly manufactured. The surface-area-to-volume ratio is 50 times greater compared to routine reaction wells. Consequently, reactions occur quickly, reaching 60% binding in 10 seconds, compared to 60% binding in 1 hour for standard technologies.”

About Siloam Biosciences

Siloam focuses on developing next generation in-vitro diagnostic and life science assays and systems, enabled by microfluidics. Over 70 assays have been developed on the Optimiser™ platform, proving its robustness and universal nature. The Optimiser™ platform is also compatible with existing standard robotic automation, and manual use.

In addition to direct sales and internal R&D, Siloam seeks strategic partners who would lever the Optimiser™ technology platform. Business development:


Winton Gibbons

President and CEO

Siloam Biosciences

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