Process to Divest Therapeutic Pipelines

Implementation ActionsPharmaceutical companies are being squeezed by declining R&D productivity, and at the same time, more and more generic competition. Consequently many are seeking to focus their pipelines. One way to do this is divest assets in non-core programs.

However, typical business development outlicensing can take some time for each compound, series, or program. This would be problematic by an effort to do this in multiple areas concurrently. Headcount resources would likely be insufficient if the divestiture were desired to be fast.

Below is a brief document that lays out a framework for moderate to large divesting. It looks at multiple, overlapping processes. The hypothesis is that timing, with a reasonable return, is paramount to the absolute best valuation. Moreover, it acknowledges that there may not be a robust demand for all the assets.

Process to Divest Therapeutic Pipelines

© 2013 Winton Gibbons

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